🇧🇹 Bhutan Tourist eVisa


Processing Time

5 business days


Visa Fee *

USD 40.00


Length of stay

30 days


No of Entry



Visa Validity

180 days

*every visitor has to pay Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) leveied daily to support Bhutan's development

Bhutan tourist eVisa frequently asked questions

Passport requirement

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from intended departure date from Bhutan

Other requirements

What is SFD

The Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) is a daily levy paid by visitors to support Bhutan’s development. Since the kingdom first opened its doors in 1974, guests have played a critical role in our country’s growth.

How much is SDF

For all visitors except those from India, the SDF is USD 200 per person, per night. For Indians the SDF is INR 1,200 per person, per night.

SDF for children's

SDF combos

Payment methods

Wire transfer or Credit cards (Visa cards, Master card or American Express cards) in USD

Indian nationals can pay in Indian Rupees


E-Visa holders must present the printed e-Visa and valid passport at the checkpoint.